Tune-in-Toyko | By Bethany Luchetta

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John 10:3: The parable of the sheep hearing the voice of the thief and robber verses hearing the voice of the Shepherd. In this passage we hear two different tales. Jesus is illustrating what a Good Shepheard does for his sheep. He also shows us that there are other voices in the pasture, voices that are designed to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

What are the voices in your life? Are you able to distinguish them? For as long as I can recall, my greatest desire has been to distinguish clearly the voice of God. But I get stuck.

Here is what I can say for sure: When I spend the vast majority of my day tuning into the voices of shame, rejection, abandonment, fear, self-righteousness, pride, exhaustion, control and perfectionism – Gods voice comes muffled and confusion begins. I get overwhelmed with a sense of ‘being lost’ ‘walking in the wilderness’ or ‘being in the barren desert’. These are popular spiritual conditions we speak of when we lack clarity and direction. I get discouraged because I simply just don’t know the way. I am looking for answers, but I can’t find them. I can’t tell you how many times I have said, “Trust me, I am looking for answers. I am paying a lot of money and spending a lot of time, looking!”

In life we hear all sorts of things. From the moment we start hearing in-utero, we start collecting data on our DNA – subconscious or not. What our caregivers say, what our friends say, what our teachers say, what we hear and see and absorb from the world around us. We are message processing centers. The voices get rehearsed or reinforced and we buy into truths or lies or fantasies and set patterns. These are the ‘tapes’ of your mind. I believe humans are three-part beings made up of 1. Body 2. Soul 3. Spirit. I define Spirit as the part of you that exists forever. The Spirit is the part most Christians believe is secured and justified upon trusting in the faith of Jesus as God. I define Soul as the part of you that is timeless; absorbing data from your lineage, trauma, life source, nature, environment, shame, culture, and so on. I believe your Soul is defined as the part of you that lives in a legendary battle on earth. It doesn’t keep your Spirit from being justified, but it can certainly keep you from freedom on Earth. Soul is the part that stores scripts and tapes and patterns; the voices we hear.

I believe that Genesis to Revelation paints a clear picture of the war of good vs evil. I believe the beginning of the Bible tells a story of a humanity needing redemption. C.S. Lewis says, “humans sinned themselves to death” (Problem of Pain). God then brings hope to the scene by explaining throughout the Old Testament, that a Savior would come, God himself, to Earth to conquer the war. God himself would take responsibility for the sin of man (set out in the beginning), and make a way for humanity to take back their rightful redemption. So, God came as promised, as a man, Jesus. He took on the sin of humanity, was murdered, then conquered the curse on Earth, and rose from the dead as promised. This opens the door for us to choose justification in our Spirit to be secured eternally. It also gives us the free will to choose daily on how to break the curse off our soul through sanctification. When this is heard and taken as personal, it’s called, The Good News.

I always thought that authors of the New Testament were a little bi-polar in their story telling. They would say that we are perfect in Christ. Complete. Not lacking anything. A reflection of Christ. Then they would turn around and write, don’t do this. Do this. Work this out. Trials will come to perfect you. What mixed messages. But, then I realized: Both are true! My Spirit is good; locked in. But my Soul needs to “work it out”. It’s the classic battle for Souls. It’s a battle for you to live free from the bondage of the insanity of this Earth. It is so that the life of your Soul can ignite others to find life in their Spirit. Your Spirit can be secured eternally AND your Soul can have an awesome life here in the meantime. “Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven.” The kicker, ‘who Jesus set free, is free indeed’. We are free from the curse of the Earth because of what Jesus did on the cross. Before Christ, we were not able to obtain this type of freedom. However, we must choose to be free, first for our Spirit and second for our Soul. Life and Life MORE abundantly (John 10:10).

In 2016 my family had the privilege of living one house away from the famous, Jamie & Eli Humphrey. It was a cold 40 degree, dark 4am and my husband and I were sound asleep. We both awoke to an unfamiliar noise. We heard scurrying and scuffling and then dogs barking. My husband knew this wasn’t the Humphreys coming over for coffee and donuts. He sprang to his feet and said, “Call 911” and dashed out the room, down the hall, and out of sight. I did what any mom would do, I checked to make sure my child hadn’t been abducted from her bed, and once secured, then I called 911. I made my way to the kitchen slider to see if I could make out what had happened to my husband, and I saw a stark-naked Vince (or as he says, ‘I was wearing socks’), holding down the intruder from behind in the pigeon-pose. Vince was also yelling in Spanish, and he doesn’t even speak Spanish. I saw the police lights flashing out front, so I ran to the street to get help. Just then Eli came outside to see what was happening, and I yelled, “Vince has the guy pinned down in the back yard, hurry!” I was yelling to the Police, but Eli responded. He ran and somehow scaled our 8-foot, side-yard fence, running as he yelled “Viinnnccce!”.

Yes, it was scary in the moment and example of how your ears need to distinguish danger. But, we were relieved when we found out that the intruder was just running from the police (12 police SUV’s to be specific). It was also kind funny when Eli realized Vince was only wearing his socks.

In closing, can you distinguish the voices that come to rob you? Are your ears tuned into the voice of God in such a way that if you hear another, you will know?! “If someone’s trying to steal your life, you should know which strategy they are using to try to still your life.” Erwin McManus April 8, 2018.

fullsizeoutput_d51Bethany Luchetta is a writer of life and reality. In hopes to connect with the humanity around her, she writes from her heart. Bethany just celebrated 7 years of marriage with her love, Vince Luchetta. They are both on their second marriage. Life has not been without challenge in their personal lives and career lives, yet they strive for growth in love and tragedy. They share three beautiful daughters, Makayla (17), Paige (14), and Livvy Lou (4). If you see them, reach out and say hi!

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