Love & Tragedy

Love & Tragedy | by Bethany Luchetta

My heart starts to race. I am angry. I let it linger, fester, grow into outright rage. We are human; all susceptible to whims of fleeting emotions. But, where is my trust during tragedy? Do I fire-off political unrest, race induced beliefs, religious anger, conspiracy theories, or lobbyist topics? Where do I put my energy? How can I bring my elevated heart rate back down to a trusting place and learn from what I am feeling? How can I learn about myself from my own thought patterns and feelings? After all, they are my own. I stop to consider this, but I come to the conclusion that it’s easier to banter about someone else’s thoughts and feelings and actions and words, than consider my own. So, I fire off a social media post attempting to relieve myself of my own fear on a public platform hoping for validation. I achieve momentary satisfaction from people who agree with me, but am again quickly angered by those who do not agree. The cycle is addicting because it takes me away from the issue; my own heart.

We are only responsible for our own elevated heart rate that could indicate fear, insecurity or anger in the recesses of our heart and mind. Once we feel this elevated emotion ignite, it gives us the ability to locate where we confide our trust. We can change the world one heart at a time if we begin inside our chest.

170907-st-martin-irma-mn-1140_16097ca5c5bf8814cb38d752367c5636.nbcnews-fp-1240-520Grieving people may take offense to this topic being submitted in the twilight of their loss. I am not writing to hurt anyone, but to offer peace. It takes my breath away in deep sorrow for the three people I know who lost someone last week at the hand of evil. There are people grieving today from the loss of their homes from fires, and still others in dire straights from recent disasters. Every person has a different vantage point. People are passion inspired from original stories of their own. It’s helpful to stop and listen; to build relationships while we are here, where you can. You love me and we bond over our similarities, but we can disagree and yet respect our differences. It’s respect of differences that makes us the same.

We thank God for the ones who were spared
from fire, flood, and gunshot. We thank God when we are spared. And we should be thankful. I struggle with thinking someone was spared only because they had Faith in God. Many who have faith in God are not spared. The Bible speaks loudly to the fact that those who believe are still exposed. So, yes, be thankful for being spared, and for those spared around you. But we already know those who believe will fall along with those who do not believe. Destruction and death leaves us grieving. It hurts, I am not denying that. It seems so cliché to quote the Bible when people are hurting.

So, we blame God for those who are not spared
. Have you ever been in a relationship where you were forced to love the other person? Sounds toxic and suffocating, doesn’t it? Not much of a relationship if you ask me. Well, if you believe in God, aren’t you glad you aren’t forced to engage, or agree, with Him? From what was etched about the philosophy of God, we are created to act in ‘Free Will’. A ‘Will’ to believe in Him, or not to believe. We have a capacity for good or evil; for thinking. Case-in-point; people choosing to be evil. We are capable of great and wonderful feats of amazement! Just look into the eyes of your child (if you have one), the proof is right in front of you. It may be too much and you decide there is no God. If you don’t believe in God, you may also be glad no one can force you to believe otherwise. At any rate, you may agree that life is precious. We want to point blame when tragedy happens. History is full of sorrowful, sensual, thoughtful and profound acts created by ‘humankind’, and nature alike. The question may forever be asked, ‘why’? This question may never be answered, or then again, the answer may resonate inside of you. The God I know begs you to ask this question, if not to tear down walls and become vulnerable, maybe to find His heart in an answer to your own soul.

vessels-ministry-the-heart-of-god-lightSo, if God is real, then who serves a God who made a human race capable of horrid things? How can nature destroy senselessly? This is a deep conversation; possibly the one that divides faith, religions and belief systems so severely. Who am I to argue with your conviction? I can only tell you what I believe, you may shake your fist indicating, ‘she’s an ignorant believer’. I am a believer. I am a believer in a God who made my Universe; the Divine. I am not a believer in religion, or church, or a denomination. I am a believer in Love. I believe I was made to love. I believe this little light of mine was made to shine. I believe in a God who loves bigger than I can ever express and who granted us faith to trust that His eternal plan is greater than the temporary physical life we sensationalize (literally experiencing with just our 5 senses). I believe that believers die too; sometimes horrid deaths. God is not here to be a magic potion for our human problems. We can’t pray away the Earth’s pangs. We all are subject to physical decay and death, accidents, misuse, abuse, bad choices and so on. I believe when we trust God, we are able to have a solid knowing that life is eternal. We are here to grow with each other, to experience relationship with other humans; to grow our forever spirit. I believe that when evil takes lives, life doesn’t cease to exist. I believe we are far more than physical beings, we are spirits beings. I believe spirits live forever… And in this truth, I hold my hope and trust.

In moments of heighten emotions during tragedies take note of your own heart, breathe and refocus to the most important thing: souls. Take the time to locate your pain, offer compassion to yourself and others. And most importantly, remember that LOVE is still greater.

IMG_2727Bethany Luchetta is a writer of life and love and tragedy. In hopes to connect with the humanity around her, she writes from her heart. Bethany just celebrated 7 years of marriage with her love, Vince Luchetta. They are both on their second marriage. Life has not been without challenge in their personal lives and career lives, yet they strive for growth in love and tragedy. They share three beautiful daughters, Makayla (17), Paige (13), and Livvy Lou (3). If you see them, reach out and say hi!

An Interactive Blog! Chance to WIN…

What’s Behind Your Tattoo? | by Sonya Finley

An Interactive Blog

What’s Behind Your Tattoo . . .? Besides skin of course. LOL!

I remember back in the day, growing up in a most sanctified way, tattoos were totally taboo. Woe unto the one who, kinda-sorta-in a way-maybe, even suggested they were thinking about getting a tattoo. That idea was met with a strong sermon that detailed the follies of the flesh and reminded us that our bodies were to be the holiest of temples. My how things have changed. . .

tattoo-thight-baloon-old-schoolTattoos, while becoming mainstream, have a long and rich history. They have literally been around forever. They usually held an important role in rituals and/or cultural traditions. For instance, did you know that in ancient Borneo women tattooed their forearms with symbols indicating what skills they had? This was used in determining her marriageability. Now how interesting is that?  I mean, ladies, think about how many tattoos you would have to have on your arms to be considered good wife material? OUCH!

73bda25e6a01c8598438365c1e694b9bThe Greeks used tattoos to communicate among spies. The Romans and the Japanese, at differing points in history, used them to mark criminal and slaves. The Japanese later added the art of tattooing to many of their religious and ceremonial practices. And, in the Western part of Asia, tattoos were used to denote social status. The art of tattooing spread across countries and cultures. Each of them adapted the art to suit their own philosophies and cultural aesthetics. The meaning, use and symbolism of tattoos ranged from denoting social status and a woman’s suitability for marriage to a freak show fad and walking advertisements.

By the turn of the century, in America, tattooing had lost quite a bit of credibility and had declined in popularity so much so that it moved underground and could only be found in the “sleazy” parts of town. For a long time tattoos were negatively associated with “biker types” and juvenile delinquents.

These days, that once taboo thing is now crossing cultural boundaries again. No longer considered symbolic of the less than desirable, tattoos are now favorably regarded. Tattooists are considered artists and their beautiful works of art can be found on anyone from the biker, to the rocker, to the businessman, to the student, to the youth pastor, to the traveling missionary, to the fifty-something year old lady I met at a birthday party a few months ago who proudly showed me the tattoo she got about a year prior.

5f505ddb141523231f6413170b607902--geometric-cat-tattoo-geometry-tattooEvery tattoo is different but all have something in common—a story or meaning for the wearer. Today TFH Daughters blog is offering you chance to tell us a bit of your story. Yay! In the comments section, upload a photo of your favorite tattoo and tell us the circumstances around why you got it and/or what it means to you. And to make things a little more exciting—the blog staff will award the submitter with the most amounts of “likes” a $10 Starbucks gift card! How ‘bout dat? So show us your tattoo, tell us your story and be sure to forward to all your friends so they can read the blog and vote!