The Adventures of Salt ‘n’ Peppa

Just For Laughs | by Sonya Finley

So here’s the deal. Tracy and I love to get together and do something interesting for our December birthdays. One instance a few years ago was no exception.

That particular year, we decided we had exhausted the ol’ dinner and a movie routine and wanted to try something new. I thought a trip downtown to the San Diego Gaslamp District would make for a very cool evening. Because parking is usually a painful affair, a ride on the COASTER sounded like a fun option. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I worked for the transit agency and could ride all modes for free—can you say “Bonus!”

I pitched the idea to Peppa…or is it Salt? Anyway, Tracy loved the idea. Citing her trip to India she managed to convince her husband that she would be safe. “If I can go to the poorest parts of India on my own, surely I can ride public transportation.” Surely!

Since I came up with the idea, she picked the restaurant. A nice, upscale, happening little place, with all the ambiance two ladies out on the town needed to make the evening great. Lucky us, it was only a few blocks from the trolley station. This was going to be good, right?! We were excited.

The day of our date, Tracy was dropped off at my job and we rode together to catch the COASTER. If you have never ridden the COASTER, I suggest you do it at least once. It takes you from Oceanside to San Diego on a route that travels right alongside, well, the coast. And the views are, well, coastal. Just kidding. It is a lovely ride though. Even better when you are traveling as the sun goes down. The hour long ride gave us plenty of time to chat, as girls like to do.

By the time we got to the final COASTER station in San Diego, it was relatively dark. No worries, the station had plenty of lighting, and our wait for the trolley was not long. We soon found ourselves at the heart of the Gaslamp District. As I mentioned before, I checked Google Maps and found that the restaurant was only a few short blocks up from the Trolley station. But, as my sense of direction can be a little wonky, I accepted Tracy’s suggestion that she Google the directions to make sure we were headed the right way. Awesome-sauce! I love smart people with good ideas.

We were both dressed up for the occasion, however, after about 15 minutes of walking I sorely regretted the cute little booties I was sporting with my cute little outfit. We seemed to have been doing quite a bit of walking but not quite reaching our destination. We walked by some nice hotels, a few cool restaurants (not ours), and even brushed up against a not so savory area where the homeless found shelter. I was a bit confused, and might have even mentioned it, but I trusted Tracy and the directions she was getting from her navigation program.

20151211_203532After several more minutes of walking, which included a much needed pit stop; we finally stopped and asked for directions. In fact, Tracy even called the restaurant to make sure we were headed the right way. That was a really good thing . . . because when we finally got our bearings, we realized we had passed the restaurant (and other buildings) at least twice— maybe even three times—in our efforts to find our way to the place we were seeking.


All in all, what should have been a brisk 10 minute walk to the restaurant, ended up taking these adventurers almost a half an hour!

How is that, you ask? The restaurant was only a few blocks from our drop off point you say? Well, let me just give you a little piece of advice. When you are walking and you seek directions from Google Maps be sure to click the “walking man” icon, not the car. Yeah. Needless to say, we got back to the station a lot quicker than we did going.


Sonya A. Finley (SonyArletta) is an artist and designer currently working “undercover” at North County Transit District and will soon be moving over to the San Diego Airport Authority. She is a proud mother of four young men: James, Kevin, Joshua and Johnathan. Sonya attended US International University, School of Performing and Visual Arts, where she majored in Advertising Design, she received her Associates in Fashion Design from FIDM and her Bachelor’s in Fine Art (painting emphasis) from Mississippi State University.