My Journey to Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

You hear people say, “ I dreamed of being/doing _____________ when I grow up.” The blanks are full of professions or big goals. My “fill in the blank” would’ve been, “falling in love and traveling the world.” No where did my dream include staying home. I always wanted a big family, but assumed I would work like my mom and stepmom did. Yet, here I am, a full-time homemaker. I am living the dream, right?! I didn’t always see it that way. The process to getting here wasn’t easy. It took me a long time to hear the call, accept it, and let it ignite passion in my heart for being a homemaker.

I grew up an only child (which is why I have so many kids!). My parents were divorced when I was young. My mom was a single mom until I was 7, and she was incredible at juggling all her roles. I experienced firsthand how amazing single parents are and how hard they work to provide for their family. Thanks to great parents, I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood in every way. Most days, I attended after-school care and loved the extra social time (Hello, I’m an extrovert!). It honestly never occurred to me that some moms didn’t work like mine did. Most of my friends had two working parents, so I never even knew being a stay-at-home mom/ homemaker was an actual career.

Because I grew up in a divorced home, my dream was finding the person God had for me and STAYING married. I would avoid divorce at all costs. So when I met the love of my life, the one I knew God had for me, {cue the romantic music} everything was perfect. Our different personalities were such a good fit, we enjoyed the same things, had matching convictions and passions, etc. When we talked about future careers I rambled on about wanting to travel the world, speak Spanish, possibly social work or helping people adopt children. And then he responded with, “Would you be ok staying home full time?”

{romantic music stops abruptly}

LIttle House on the prairie mom“Me? Stay home? Like, all day? Learn to cook something besides frozen pizza and macaroni? Do I wear an apron? Serve a made-from-scratch meal to my family nightly? What would I do all day?” All I could picture was Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. “Would I have to wear a bonnet?”

After little soul searching, I agreed to be this “homemaker” when we had kids. My then fiancé, now husband Jordan, shared with me the reasons he loved having his mom home, and it started making sense to me. I could see the blessing of what this role could entail. God began to give me a peace about facing this profession I felt ill-equipped to manage. However, until we actually had kids, I would work.

April Ciervo 2After four years of marriage, we began talking about children. However, I was not ready to give up “our time” or my job at Delta AirLines that allowed me to travel the world. I was not ready to quit working with my husband at our restaurant to be the homemaker I agreed to be. I decided I needed to get away with the Lord and ask Him what He wanted for me.

After a three-day prayer retreat, I came to the conclusion that my whole life had actually prepared me for this call. Out of obedience to God I wanted to respect my husband’s wishes and serve Him and our children with my whole heart. I finally realized that in order to be the best April I could be, and to be more like Christ, I needed to give up some of my idols for a season to raise up children for this world. Little lights, little warriors, and little lovers of Jesus. Suddenly, this call seemed eternal. Motherhood— what I was made for.

So here I am. Three kids and one on the way. Full-time at home. My story goes to show that our job or profession will be 100% confirmed by God when you ask Him. Whether a mom works or stays home, both require sacrifice and refining. Both require surrender and obedience. As long as we allow God to shape and lead us, we are right where he wants us.image1

Tools for Stay-at-Home Mom Survival:

  1. Be in fellowship with other moms. Our Father’s House Rise Up mom’s group is a God-send to me.
  2. Get out of the house, even if it’s to your local Chick-fil-A Drive thru. Roll the windows down. Fresh air is good for the soul.
  3. Use technology that helps make Bible reading or quiet times possible:
  • The Bible App- play scripture aloud when you have no down time.
  • Abide Prayer App- pick a topic and let one of the Abide authors pray over you when you are too exhausted to pray for yourself or your family.
  • BBN Radio App- I’m loving Gateway to Joy; by Elisabeth Elliot. She has a 10-12 minute program that runs daily from her old radio show. I have learned so much from her!
  • Our church has a prayer card called Praying For Your Children. Each day of the month it gives one thing to pray for. We put all the prayer topics on our iCalendar and they are listed on each day for the entire year. I can handle praying one thing over my kids each day.
  1. Play worship music in your house when you feel isolated, down, or if you can feel spiritual warfare brewing. It can even help your kids change their toddler-tudes. Win-win.
  2. Get access to Right Now Media, which is an amazing resource for families. The Father’s House can give you access to this if you need it. There are thousands of books, podcasts, series, videos, and a section for Kids. If I need to put my kids in front of the T.V., I can totally trust the shows and videos on this website.

Let’s encourage each other to soak up our babies and seek God for His calling on our lives. Is he asking you to surrender something for a season to better serve your family? What areas in your life are you feeling not enough?

Jesus, I pray life and energy into the moms of The Father’s House. May your presence fill them in such a way that they overflow with love and peace in their homes. Give them wisdom in all areas of their life as they disciple their children. Confirm the assignment you’ve given them and affirm their beauty in Your eyes. Help us encourage one another in our journey. Thank you Jesus for covering us and giving us all that we need. Amen.


April Ciervo 1April Ciervo is a stay-at-home mom to three kids, Bravery, Selah and Karis. She attended Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama with degrees in Spanish and Sociology. April loves languages and cultures and dreams of traveling the world with her family. She and her husband Jordan own and operate the Chick-fil-A restaurants in San Marcos and Escondido. Originally from Alabama and Georgia, they have made their home here in California and have been attending The Father’s House for almost four years.

5 thoughts on “My Journey to Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

  1. cathyhorning says:

    What an awesome testimony April! And, the helpful tips and tools you offer are wonderful. 30 years ago, when my four were small, Elizabeth Elliott also mentored me though her life and writings! God bless you and your amazing family!


  2. Ashley Cox says:

    Would you mind sharing the card topics from “Praying for your Children?” I would love to do the same thing in our icalendar!


    • The Blog Team says:

      Hi Ashley! Here are the topics we got off the “Biblical Virtues to Pray for Your Kids” prayer card by Bob Hostetler.
      Salvation, Growth in Grace, Love, Honesty and Integrity, Self-control,Love for God’s Word, Justice, Mercy, Respect, Biblical self-esteem, Faithfulness, Courage, Purity, Kindness, Generosity, Peace-loving, Joy, Perseverance, Humility, Compassion, Responsibility, Contentment, Faith, A Servant’s Heart, Hope, Willingness and Ability to Work, Passion for God, Self-discipline, Prayerfulness, Gratitude and Heart for Missions. Here’s a pdf version you can click here to view as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Laurie Jernigan says:

    This is an awesome testimony, April! You are such an inspiration to so many! Love you and your sweet family!


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