Dear Daughters

It is with great joy that I write the inaugural Daughters blog post. For a long time, I have swooned over the amazing Daughters of The Father’s House (definitely God’s favorite girls)! There have been years of awe as I have watched so many quality woman overcome, dream, accomplish, teach, model, share, dare, love, resource and impact me, the church and the world. Psalm 144:12 has always been my prayer for the ladies of the TFH: “That our daughters may be as pillars, sculptured in palace style.” My heart does cartwheels as I have watched the Father truly fulfill this at our church—His lovely Daughters firmly planted in the House, sculptured by His hand with beauty displayed for all to see. Because of this, I have decided to put an end to this wasteful silence and not just quietly soak in all this goodness, but give these glorious creations a louder VOICE. Typically we as women gather as a church family quarterly, but clearly this is too difficult to provide opportunity to showcase all this goodness. So for this reason we are joining the blogging ranks and starting the Daughters blog.

Weekly we will have an opportunity to hear our sisters share their story, make us laugh, encourage and teach us, equip us with a new skill or even give us tips on how to look cute, shop smart, eat healthy and do it on the cheap. This is an invitation to look to your inbox with anticipation for a weekly connection to a fellow daughter. There is something powerful about this interchange between women. We need to know we are not alone in our struggles, we benefit from laughing with other women and we all need a mentor and instructions to help us through life’s ups and downs. My hope is that this vehicle brings us closer as a company of women. This simple venue can draw us into conversations with women we may never spoken to, creating opportunity to ask questions and bring about more interaction—a catalyst to true sisterhood.

Your assignment: Join this weekly connection by subscribing, pass on the opportunity to a friend, be bold enough to engage in new conversations and friendships based on what you read in the blog (by the way, there will always be a photo of the writer so you can track down a new friend), and be sure to share your stories, everyday miracles and growth opportunities with us so we can give you a VOICE too.

I love you all so much and believe in what God wants to do in and through each of us! More love, more joy, more grace and more influence.


His beloved Daughter,

Tracy Daugherty


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Native to Southern California, Pastor Tracy Daugherty heard the Lord call her to full-time ministry at age 15. She and her husband, Pastor Dan Daugherty, met in 1991 and have partnered in ministry for over 20 years. Having pastored in Olympia, Washington, and Fairfield, California, they now shepherd The Father’s House Church which they planted in 2003 in San Marcos, California. There they reside with their three children, Drew, Dawson and Hudson.